Movie review by : RJ Uday

Review Date : Dec 31, 2016

Rating :

Star Wars Rogue One3.5 stars

Directed by Gareth Edwards and the protagonist played by Felicity Jones in the most popular franchise, Star Wars hits theatres today. Filled with a crew of ragged heroes, adventure is an universal theme that binds together every element i.e. 'Hope'. This movie is for everyone who once as a kid who gazed the starry sky and took up an imaginative trip wondering if there are different worlds that exist in the space. With Rogue One its a complete circle to this famous franchise as it takes us back where it started. Find out Jeeturaaj's take on this epic series!

Directed by : Gareth Edwards

Cast : Felicity Jones,Diego Luna,Ben Mendelsohn,Donnie Yen,Mads Mikkelsen,Alan Tudyk,Riz Ahmed,Jiang Wen,Forest Whitaker

Music by :

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